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Selling consultancy

The process of selling a house can be daunting with many questions that need to be answered. We can help you to turn a otherwise difficult process into a comfortable, informed experience, that you are in control of.

Through our professional contacts and affiliations, we can instantly put your home listing in all of the qualified places buyers are looking, increasing your market. 


We at CRAFT Ibiza have a large selection of exclusive clients that are looking to buy on Ibiza. We screen our clients prior to the viewing process to check their reliability. When selling your home with us we will make sure to protect your best interest throughout the entire process. You will be informed about all of the legal aspects and in control, every step of the way. 


What we can offer you with our service?


  • We will promote the property online and offline through our channels linked to our brand

  • We gather professional promotional material in line with our brand 

  • With your permission we would open our network of partners to increase the chance of finding a potential buyer

  • We will take care of all of the planning and organisation of the viewings 

  • We will be your representative at all times, answering all questions and queries of other parties around the clock

  • We will make sure all legal paperwork is up to date and ready for the sale 

  • We do an in depth screening of the possible buyers that will apply for a viewing

  • We will value your house and give you advise on the market price 

  • We will take care of all aspects leading up to the date of notary, taking away your workload


“It’s your journey, let us help you in selling your exceptional property”

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