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Booking agent

Decided that you want to rent out your property, but unsure how to put this into practise? 


“We offer easy communication for both tenants and owners”


Let us function as your booking agent to manage your properties rental bookings around the clock. We will market your property in compliance to our brand, publish it on our channels and distribute it to our selection of reliable partners to generate the highest possible occupancy rate. We will take care of the complete commercialisation of your property starting with advice on how to extract the best of its qualities.

What we can offer you with our service?


  • Reliable advise on weekly prices in compliance to the market, location of the property, its features and capacity. 

  • Booking management, online distribution of your property in order to reach its highest occupancy potential. 

  • Screening of potential clients and a background check in order to verify the identity.

  • Grading of the tenants according to pre-defined tenant criteria.

  • Creation of leasing agreements. 

  • Continuous contact with the tenants prior, during and after their stay. 

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