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Update on the regulations for the construction on rustic land in Ibiza

At the end of 2016, The Consell of Ibiza approved a more restrictive regulation for the construction on rustic land, modifying the Insular Territorial Plan (PTI). Applications, based on the previously existing regulations, have been suspended, and the applicants will have to modify their plans, according to the new regulations, in order to be approved.

So what is the PTI? The following main points of the PTI should be highlighted.

- The minimum size of the plot has to be 15,000 m2 - this is to avoid segregations

- The maximum constructed area of single homes on common rustic land is reduced to 320m2, including annexes. You can not build more than one pool per house and the water within the pool can not exceed 35m2.

- Inheritances and assignments from parents to their children will maintain their urban rights.

- Fences will have to be adapted to the natural environment and can not exceed the height of one meter.

- All new construction projects for buildings on rustic land must include a rainwater tank with a capacity of at least 15,000 liters.

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