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Opening Parties Ibiza 2020

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Every year in May, Ibiza wakes up from its winter hibernation. Energised, fresh, and ready to take on the new summer season, workers and locals prepare for another 5 month adventure that always ends up being different to the last. Are you ready for another season on the White Isle? The countdown for Ibiza 2020 has already begun…Who knows what’s in store for us this time! Jurriaan de Reijer

If you just can’t wait for your Ibiza fix, then look no further than heading to the island for the opening parties. It’s a period of acclimatisation before the season really gets into its rhythm, spanning a few weeks from mid-May to early June.

Opening parties are all about setting a standard for the rest of the season.

Some, but not all clubs, host their own, one-off parties that aren’t affiliated with any specific promoter. With it being such a unique time on the island, you often find people coming to Ibiza purely for either opening or closings. DJ Line ups are often amongst the strongest, and clubs may well put on a different type of show. We still have fond memories of Opening Parties at Space (now Hï). The entire car park at the back of the venue was opened up, creating an incredible festival-like atmosphere that completely changed the vibe of the whole club.We’re keeping this article up-to-date as parties get confirmed for the Ibiza 2020 season. Some won’t be until around March, so keep your eyes peeled, or get this page bookmarked.

When do Ibiza Opening Parties take place? So when exactly do Opening Parties take place? As with Ibiza’s Closing Parties, there’s no official time period for when the season starts or finishes. In the past few years, many see the International Music Summit (IMS) as the time when the season really gets underway. Its end of conference finale at Dalt Vila is often the same weekend when you’ll see a lot of other opening parties kicking off.IMS takes place between the 20th-22th May 2020. So, most Opening Parties will start in Ibiza the weekend of the 22nd-24th May 2020.With that said, it’s getting more and more difficult to guess when Ibiza clubs and parties get underway. The Ibiza season window seems to get longer and longer as the years have gone by. Look at 2019 for example. Pacha’s Zoo Project warm up was on Friday the 26th April, followed by a series of opening parties that took place all throughout May. The Zoo Project’s own opening was the 5th May. Amnesia’s Opening Party was on the 11th May. We looked at the last 5 seasons of opening parties, which show us that opening parties are happening earlier each year.

So whilst you can comfortably predict plenty of parties will already be getting underway by the 22nd May, you’ll be in luck if you want to head to the island even earlier that month.

Look no further than Odyssey, the 24 hour opening party bringing Hï and Ushuaïa together on the 9th May 2020. This is a week earlier than the inaugural Odyssey opening last season. Amnesia’s 2020 Opening Party is on the 9th May, and O Beach opens on the 8th May… so you are spoilt for choice if you head over to Ibiza that weekend!

Defected will be kicking off their Ibiza 2020 season with a 4 day opening festival between the 14-17th May.

One of Ibiza’s most popular parties, elrow, will have its Opening Party on the 23rd May. Solomun +1 opens the following night on Sunday the 24th May.

And you’re looking for an excuse to come to Ibiza even earlier, The Zoo Project will open its doors on the 3rd May 2020.

Is May a good time to visit Ibiza?

Jurriaan de Reijer

Accommodation in May is cheaper too. You will typically find villa prices in May 30% cheaper than in the peak months of July and August. So there are lots of deals to be had. The Weather in May is definitely a factor if you decide to come for Opening Parties. May is not the hottest time of year to visit Ibiza, but you can still expect plenty of sunshine, with temperatures in the low 20s. In the last couple of seasons, the average temperature in May has been 23 degrees. Jurriaan de Reijer

Finally, coming to Ibiza in May will be a more relaxed holiday than in peak months. With fewer tourists, and workers/locals energised from the winter break, it’s an exciting and non-stressful time to visit.

Jurriaan de Reijer

For the full 2020 party agenda click here


Article by Kieran Doyle

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