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Have a one day only retreat at your private villa

Experience ultimate relaxation during a one day retreat with One Day Retreat Ibiza.

For anyone who wants, but does not have the time to go on a retreat for a whole week, there is One Day Retreat Ibiza. The perfect daytime activity during your stay at idyllic Ibiza. The concept is clear: in one day you will have felt the same experience as having been on a retreat for a whole week.

Take one day to get some health and sanity in your group after a whole week of wining and dining. One Day Retreat offers a private retreat at your villa, where it's all about you and your company. The villa will be transformed into a sacred space. At one day retreat you will experience different styles of yoga, a walk through unknown - tourist free nature, mindfulness, meditation and breathing techniques.

In order to satisfy the men in your party you can add a spicy work-out or a private tennis lesson; given there is a tennis court at or close by the villa. The retreat starts with a special opening circle and from that moment on not only your mind but also your body will be spoiled with delicious food. All food and drinks are included in the price. One Day Retreat Ibiza is guided by its founders: Lauri Berkhoudt and Jochem Thijssen. Certified professionals when it comes to the body and the mind, perfectly equipped to give you a zen experience in Ibiza. The price of a fully catered private one-day retreat is € 169 pp. With a minimum of 4 persons and a maximum of 10.

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