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Brrr... Winter in Ibiza... Is actually fun!

High season has come to an end. All the big clubs have closed and the large amount of tourists have slowly disappeared. The time of peace and quiet has returned to the white isle.

Many people may wonder how to survive the supposedly cold winter months when there is nothing to do. Never have they been so wrong. Winter on Ibiza is a magical time, filled with exciting events and sunshine!

What to do in winter?

Don't know?


Explore the islands beauty. Now you are not preoccupied with a filled party agenda and have the time to actually see the islands nature! Walk along a deserted beach or join one of the organised walks discovering the secret gems of Ibiza.


A great way to discover the island is by taking a map, hire a car and drive through the scented pine forests and red earth fields as well as orange and lemon orchards. Discover the smaller towns, like Santa Gertrudis, San Miguel, San Carlos or visit the North.


Throughout the years more and more hospitality establishments have decided to keep their doors wide open during wintertime! Why? Because the island is not deserted anymore during winter! Even to such an extend that you better make a reservation on a Sunday to get a table at the beach clubs that do remain open!

The main winter hotspots for lunch are:

Rehab Beach Club (Talamanca)

Atzaro (Cala Nova)

Nassau (Playa den Bossa)

Yemanja (Cala Jondal)

Cotton Beach Club (Cala Tarida)

The Boat House (Cala San Vincente)


You might think the party scene during wintertime is dull. However, this is not entirely true. Yes, it’s less exciting, and yes you cannot go out every day. But compare it to your hometown. Ibiza as well has gone back to its normal day to day proceedings. People need to work, so the exciting parties happen on the weekends. Places like Montesol, Vino & Co, Sushi Point, Theatro Pereyra and STK open their doors on the weekend and host lively parties. Take your friends and mingle amongst the locals for some “living la vida loca” even during the colder months.


Events, events, events! Restaurant Festivals, Autumn Food Festivals, Wine Tasting Tours, Winter Markets and so on! There is so much to to, every week various hospitality establishments have activities to keep the locals social!

Another great aspect of the winter on Ibiza is that throughout the winter there are days, even in January, where you can put on your bikini and go to the beach! The average daily temperatures from November to April are 15 degrees celsius, but when the sun comes out it feels like 25!

Although Ibiza is not thought of as an all-year-round destination, give the island a chance to prove you wrong!

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